About Our Training

Don't let that trophy pass because he is out of your normal range this year. Learn how to be confident with long range shooting. Everyone can do it. Make the most of your hunting time and EXTEND your range.

Accuracy 1st is now offering civilian and LE classes. These classes will vary from the basic to the extreme.

Come to us or book a PRIVATE GROUP where we come to you.

My goal is to offer all levels of training opportunities to the public. I have been shooting long guns since I was 6 years old. That was back in 1969. As I grew up my passion for long guns and hunting has always been a part of my life. I want to share my love of long range and show everyone how easy it is.

For the past 10+ years I have trained every branch of the US military in long range shooting. I have developed several mathematical formulas that make long range easier than it has ever been in the past. My goal was to make shooting faster and more accurate for our military. I wanted to make long range easy.

Too many times I have seen groups try to make the pursuit of long gunning seem out of reach for the average guy. Too many people dont understand how easy long range can be and how all of us can enjoy the confidence of reaching out further on your next trip to the range or our next hunt.

I am still heavily involved in training our military and will not be available to attend all civilian classes. I do hope to drop in from time to time to meet students and share a little range time. I have hired a very competent instructor to help me with these classes. He has been in charge of the Special Forces Sniper School and has been in my classes 8 times as a student. He understands all my formulas and how I teach them to make it simple. I am sure you will enjoy his company and his knowledge.

I plan to hold two to three classes a month. We are going to use the Austin Gun Club for one of the training sites and we will be on a ranch south of Claredon, Texas for the other facility. This is about an hour from Amarillo. Hopefully I will be able to do specialty classes in Utah for the High Angle shooting as well. We will also offer training at your facility with a full class. The classes will be 10 to a class to ensure a lot of personal time with each student.

We will also offer Lady Only classes.

Kids under 18 will have to be accompanied by Adult taking the class and the youth will need to have completed a hunter education course.


Clarendon Facility - Best Western Clarendon TX (806) 874-0160 - Bar H Dude Ranch (806) 874-2634

AGC (Austin Gun Club) Staying at the club is an option, contact AGC for availability of rooms. Also Lampasas is the closest city.

Long range is easy and all of us can enjoy it and share it with our friends and family. Come out and let us show you how.

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